yup tutoring-Yup — Math Tutoring App

yup tutoring-Yup — Math Tutoring App

Version: 6.0.1

adout yup tutoring-Yup — Math Tutoring App

Version 6.0.1

introduction yup tutoring-Yup — Math Tutoring App

yup tutoring Yup provides students with access to expert math tutoring whenever they need it, right from their smartphone or tablet. Whether students need help with homework, studying, or additional enrichment, Yup tutors are available 24/7. The Yup app connects students and tutors instantly in under 60 seconds.

*How do students use Yup for math tutoring?*

- Snap a photo of a math problem
- Connect to a tutor right away
- Solve the problem together

Yup is backed by leaders in education like Stanford University and Sesame Street’s fund Collab+Sesame. Yup has been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, BBC News, and CBS.

*Plans and Pricing*

We know finding affordable and high-quality math tutoring is a challenge. In-person tutoring can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per month, and that’s only for two hour-long sessions per week. Yup plans start at just $87 per month and provides your child with unlimited access to teaching from expert tutors.

- Customize the length of your Yup plan to meet your child’s needs—whether they need Yup for the whole year or a single semester
- Yup’s 2 week risk-free trial ensures you can try Yup for two weeks and receive a full refund if it’s not the best fit for your child
- Plans for 6 months and longer give the flexibility to pause and resume whenever you need, whether for school holidays or to fit the academic calendar

Visit enroll.yup.com/plans to learn more!

*What sets Yup apart from other math tutoring providers?*

Innovative Learning Platform

- Yup tutoring takes place on students’ smartphones and tablets, meeting them where they’re already comfortable
- Students and tutors communicate using familiar functionality like messaging and photo-sharing
- A live virtual whiteboard makes it easy for tutors to explain math concepts and show tutoring steps

*Exceptional Math Tutors*

- Yup tutors are current and former teachers, professional tutors, and graduate students with an average of 5 years math teaching experience
- All tutors must pass a rigorous math subject test and teaching exam
- Only 5% of applicants are accepted to become Yup tutors

*Support Without Limits*

- Yup tutoring is available for students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Tutoring is unlimited, so students never have to worry about running out of time
- Yup tutors tailor each session to students’ individual learning needs

*Why Parents Choose Yup*

- Yup is a learning app, not a cheating app—tutors make sure students understand concepts versus simply giving away the answer
- Yup’s app-based, 24/7 availability means there’s no more making appointments or driving to tutoring centers
- All tutoring sessions are made available to parents through the Yup Family Portal, so they can review progress

*Subjects Covered by Yup*

- Early Math
- Pre-Algebra
- Algebra
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- Pre-Calculus
- Calculus AB

Yup tutors also cover Integrated Math (Math 1, Math 2, Math 3) and all K-12 grade Common Core math. Yup can also be used for SAT and SAT II preparation. Contact [email protected] to confirm that Yup covers your student’s math!——Uploaded by the user

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yup tutoring Yup — Math Tutoring App

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